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Turn off your engine when stationary


Turn off your engine when stationary – that’s the message to motorists to help reduce pollution and improve air quality in Wycombe District.

In a bid to spread the word, Wycombe District Council has worked with the highway authority, Buckinghamshire County Council, on installing air quality signage in key locations across the district. The signs read: ‘Air Quality Management Area. Reduce harmful emissions. TURN OFF your engine whilst stationary.’

There are 10 signs in high-traffic locations:


  • West Street (on the corner with Spinfield Lane)
  • Little Marlow Road (by Foxes Piece)
  • High Street (next to Higginson Park)

High Wycombe

  • Marlow Hill (opposite Park & Ride)
  • West Wycombe Road (near pedestal roundabout)
  • West Wycombe Road (opposite Victoria Street junction)
  • Hughenden Road (near Bellfield Rd roundabout)
  • Amersham Hill (just uphill from Totteridge Rd)
  • London Road (between Knaves Hollow and White Hill)
  • London Road (near Harlow Rd)

Cllr Julia Adey, Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“These signs are part of our air quality action plan and are an important reminder to motorists that they could be helping to cut emissions even as they wait in traffic.

“Many new cars have stop-start systems that automatically shut off the engine when the car is at rest. Research suggests this improves a car’s fuel economy by over eight percent in heavy traffic.

“For cars without this feature, it really is worth turning off the engine. Many people wonder if this is efficient, or how long they should wait before it becomes efficient, but it is well established that the saving in terms of pollutants occurs within a second. As an added benefit, that saving will also translate into small but incremental reductions in fuel costs.”


See the Wycombe District Council air quality action plan for more information.