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Artists to check out in High Wycombe this week


For this year's Bucks Art Weeks there are loads of different artists and craftspeople exhibiting their work across Wycombe. Many are clustered in two creative hubs: Wycombe Arts Centre on Desborough Road and a new pop-up space at DesBox near Aldi on Baker Street.

Delving beneath the surface of Wycombe's creative art scene is an opportunity not to be missed. So, we've rounded up some of the best artists to check out this year...


(DesBox in Google Maps)

DesBox plays host to a free-to-see, pop-up gallery until 23 June as part of Bucks Art Weeks, giving you the chance to see glass, ceramics, painting, sculpture, jewellery and furniture restoration by local artists and craftspeople. As well as the artists exhibiting for Bucks Art Weeks, DesBox is already home to a range of creative businesses including a candle maker, interior designer and a tailor.

Created out of 100+ repurposed shipping containers, DesBox - part of WDC's Desborough Area Renewal project (DARE) - literally opened its door for the first time earlier this month - and Bucks Art Weeks is the perfect chance to take a sneak peek at these quirky new offices spaces!

See the artists showcasing their work at DesBox below.

Alison Pink

Ceramic creatures

"My ceramic creatures have attitude; occasionally befuddled, mostly looking for its share of the action! I combine glazes with imprinted texture; using random items, fabric, stamps, shells and the odd bit of relevant text. If it walks, swims or flies I'm inspired to immortalise it."

Dates/opening times: see Alison's Bucks Art Weeks profile for more information and exhibition times.


Cloaked In Clay

Ceramics and glass

A Buckinghamshire UK enterprise creating handmade ceramics and glass pieces, using hand-building and slip-casting techniques and a variety of different glazing treatments and decorative styles, including the use of precious metals and fused glass. Cloaked In Clay draws inspiration from Italy and the mystique of venetian masks, is mildly obsessed with animals, particularly elephants and chickens, and influenced by things that are just plain cute, festive, and decorative.

Dates/opening times: see Cloaked in Clay's Bucks Art Weeks profile for more information and exhibition times.


Dana Kidson

Contemporary jewellery 

A lifelong obsession with jewellery and the way that it can tell stories, begin conversations or hold secrets has led to the collections that will be shown at DesBox during Bucks Art Weeks. Many pieces feature gemstones - juicy, oversized specimens or tiny sugary crystals - as well as fossils and wood, transformed into sometimes playful, sometimes severe, beautiful, wearable objects.

Dates/opening times: see Dana's Bucks Art Weeks profile for more information and exhibition times.


Denise Williams

Contemporary glass and ceramics

"I'll be showcasing a beautifully vibrant, fresh range of contemporary handmade glass and ceramic tableware, which are both decorative and functional. Collectable homewares you'll be proud to display in your home. You can also expect to see a fab collection of handmade glass jewellery. You will also have an opportunity to register on my latest programme of courses."

Dates/opening times: see Denise's Bucks Art Weeks profile for more information and exhibition times.


Julia Ramsay Tasker

Classic and contemporary cane chair restoration

"I am an experienced restorer of antique cane chairs, trained in traditional cane work. I offer new life for your old or damaged chairs: classic restoration bring your beloved chair back to its full beauty, or a contemporary revitalisation for a stunning new look. At DesBox, I am happy to honour High Wycombe's furniture heritage, once an unrivalled centre of chair production, by bringing back the traditional skill of cane work to the modern era."

Dates/opening times: see Julia's Bucks Art Weeks profile for more information and exhibition times.


Julie Ball Art

Mixed media artist

Julie is a mixed media artist working with hand-printed porcelain clay and wood to create collages. Her work is a visual reference to the bewildering phenomenon of déjà vu. This is expressed as ephemeral delicate moments, captured as fragmented evidence of forgotten and lost memories, recounted as fictitious associations and narrative. The artist prints vintage and her own photographic images on to porcelain clay which is then fired and collaged with a background image on wood to create a believable scene. Visitors interested in commissioned work can enquire on the day. Julie will also be showing ceramic sculpture and examples of her other mixed media work.

Dates/opening times: see Julie's Bucks Art Weeks profile for more information and exhibition times.


Patrick O'Callaghan

Drawing and painting

Patrick O'Callaghan works mainly "en plein air" or in situ (galleries, museums, landscapes and cityscapes) with graphite, charcoal and watercolour.

Dates/opening times: see Patrick's Bucks Art Weeks profile for more information and exhibition times.


Studio 120: Connie Fielder, Dawn Carroll & Dorothea Reid

Ceramics and prints

Connie Fielder, Dawn Carroll and Dorothea Reid are showing functional ceramics, quirky sculptures and unusual prints. Connie makes animal sculptures, some of which are suitable for the garden. Dawn works mainly with terracotta making printed vessels and sculptures which tell a story. Dorothea makes sculptures about the marine environment and vessels in various clays. There will be prints available in the browser box.

Dates/opening times: see Studio 120's Bucks Art Weeks profile for more information and exhibition times.


Wycombe Arts Centre

(Wycombe Arts Centre in Google Maps)

Wycombe Arts Centre is based in the amazing old church buildings on Desborough Road, just a two-minute walk from the Eden Centre and bus station. For the whole of June there will be an exciting mix of contemporary and traditional art exhibited, with live demonstrations, workshops, paint jams and events all taking place. See the artists showcasing their work below.


Multi-disciplinary artist Daniel Wilson

Dan Wilson is a versatile and skilled professional artist who produces a mix of painted work, detailed illustrations, bold signs and graphics, and award-winning murals. He has been specialising in public art projects for over ten years, often collaborating with other artists, young people, organisations and agencies, resulting in popular works like The Brunel Railway Shed and Oxford Canal Murals. For Bucks Art Weeks 2019, Dan is exhibiting as part of an exciting group show at the transformed Arts Centre, where he is artist-in-residence.

Dates/opening times: see Decreate's Bucks Art Weeks profile for more information and exhibition times.


Lorna Cassidy

Artist, printmaker

Lorna has an exclusive exhibition of selected prints, drawings and paintings as part of an exciting group show at Wycombe Arts Centre. Turning 86 in 2019, she studied printmaking at Wycombe Art School between 1950 and 1954 and has spent a lifetime documenting; making beautiful and atmospheric images of her ever-changing surroundings with etchings, aquatint, litho, and drawing and paintings. Her work has appeared in many exhibitions and publications over the years and is currently featured in Wycombe Museum, alongside her portrait.

Dates/opening times: see Lorna's Bucks Art Weeks profile for more information and exhibition times.



For a full list of Wycombe artists taking part in Bucks Art Weeks - including Elfcreations, Elizabeth Trobridge Glass, George & Dragon Painters, Jackie Crabtree, Jane Peacock, Jo Habgood & Sue Pinnell, and Sophie Smith - see the Bucks Art Week website.