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WDC wins £19.5million bid for road improvements to support housing delivery

Small hands holding wooden house

Two bids by Wycombe District Council for government funding have been approved, meaning £19.5 million will be available for two road improvement projects in areas where new housing is earmarked.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) announced that WDC is set to receive £12 million towards improved access for the Princes Risborough expansion area and £7.5 million for the realignment of Abbey Barn Lane and junction improvement.

Both projects form part of the new Wycombe District Local Plan, which outlines and helps enable opportunities for new homes, jobs and opportunities for the local community.

The money will be awarded in order to deliver necessary infrastructure before development goes ahead, reducing the risk of traffic on congested or unsuitable roads. Where appropriate, the council will recover the costs later from developers.

The announcement closely follows the news that the government inspector has signed off the Wycombe District Local Plan as ‘sound’, subject to minor changes. The plan will be formally adopted on Monday 19 August.

Cllr David Johncock, Cabinet Member for Planning, said:

“This is excellent news and follows months of detailed scrutiny by Homes England.

“It demonstrates the commitment by both the government and Wycombe District Council to unlocking the early delivery of much-needed housing in the area and our commitment to getting the right infrastructure in place straightaway.

“We will now work with Homes England to enter into a formal agreement governing the use of these funds, and will do the detailed work required to bring forward these schemes. In doing so we will continue to consult residents who may be affected by these proposals.”

Read more about the housing infrastructure fund on GOV.UK.