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WDC names members of shadow executive

Modernising Local Government

The Leader of Wycombe District Council, Cllr Katrina Wood, has selected the council’s members of the Buckinghamshire shadow executive. They are Cllr Katrina Wood and Cllr Tony Green as members and Cllr David Johncock and Cllr Steve Broadbent as substitutes.

Cllr Wood said: “There is a wealth of experience in this line-up, regarding both the intricacies of a move to a unitary authority and as councillors working for the residents of the district. My intention is to run this as a ‘Team Wycombe’ with all four bringing their varied skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the task ahead.”

The selection will be discussed at Cabinet on Monday 11 March. The councillors will then take up these roles once the shadow executive comes into effect, once Parliament agrees the Structural Change Order. These appointments are made without prejudice to the judicial review proceedings.