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Leader introduces final budget for WDC

At last night's full council meeting, Clr Katrina Wood, Leader of Wycombe District Council, introduced the final ever budget for Wycombe District Council. Here's what she said:

"Well it is that time of year again and it falls to me, to introduce my Cabinet Member for Finance who will make the budget presentation. Before I do that I just want to say that this will probably be the last full budget for Wycombe District Council and from next year we will not be approving a Wycombe District Council budget, but a budget for the new unitary authority.

"We are proud that in Wycombe District we raise council tax very infrequently. Yet again we are only one of a very few number of councils who are not proposing an increase this year. We have a proud record of fiscal prudency whilst regenerating our district and working hard for our residents to provide a uniquely appealing and attractive destination with a thriving economic centre and a high-quality public realm. Now whilst I don’t dispute we can always do more, I believe we provide excellent value for money to our residents through the work we do and services we provide. The improvements we have made during the last four years include:

  • the new and improved leisure centre, park and ride, children's nursery and gym, now a hotel all at Handy Cross.
  • in the town a new Aldi, Desbox, new car park in Baker street.
  • new housing at Bassetsbury Triangle, Ashwells, Gomm Valley, Abbey Barn.
  • the Extra Care home and Royal Star and Garter home in Hughenden together with new homes and workspaces in the upper site.

"What a huge list of projects we are delivering for our residents and there is still more to come. We deliver for all. From affordable housing, open market housing, older people housing. Places for businesses from start up businesses, artists workspaces, new retail the list goes on and on. Wycombe District Council is ensuring that Wycombe District is economically strong and the place to live work and visit. We are delivering for our residents and ensuring a legacy to take forward into the new council.

"Before I hand over I must put on record my thanks to our Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Executive  along with all the Senior Management team and other officers involved in the preparation of this budget. I know that many hours of work go into preparing it and it is always a challenging task that we probably don’t realise as we only see the finished product.

"I would also like to thank the Budget Task and Finish group for their intense scrutinization. They are a cross party group who give their time to drill down into the detail of the budget and present their report to Cabinet and again provided an excellent report."