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Bonfire Night: 5 fun ways to celebrate safely


With Halloween on the horizon and Bonfire Night just a few days away, we’ve officially entered the season of standing in damp fields with freezing feet as we watch other people set fire to explosives. In fairness, Bonfire Night is much more than that. It’s a rare chance to get together with friends and family and enjoy food and drink by the open fire.

For children and adults alike it’s a spectacle of sight and sound. But dealing with fire also comes with a number of risks.

Here are 5 ways to ensure you celebrate safely this Bonfire Night:

1. Fireworks

Whether you prefer the big bang of rockets or the gentle fizzle of the fountain, fireworks are what everybody comes for. But let’s not forget that we’re dealing with full-on, real-life explosives here – and that can get dangerous. Before restocking your arsenal and preparing for the big night, we recommend reading our tips on firework safety.

 2. Sparklers

What Bonfire Night would be complete without sparklers? Children love ‘writing’ their names into the air and (let’s not kid ourselves) the adults enjoy doing the same. But sparklers can turn nasty, so watch out for those eyes, fingers and clothes, all of which could fall victim to improper use.

Once you’re done, sparklers should be immediately doused in cold water and the litter disposed of correctly (not thrown on the ground or stuck in the soil).

 3. Bonfire

The star of the show, your bonfire should be the heart of the celebration. A place for your guests to chat, eat, drink and keep warm! However, building a bonfire requires some key considerations, especially around safety.

Do things right by reading these top tips for building a better, safer bonfire.

 4. Food

Apples dipped in sticky toffee… glasses of warming mulled wine… hotdogs with caramelised onion piled on top… are you hungry yet? It’s essential to keep yourself warm, hydrated and well-fed on Bonfire Night – so indulge to your heart’s content!

The only real danger here is a food coma, but common sense says not to store your rockets beneath the BBQ.

 5. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a great alternative to sky lanterns or balloons because they can add atmosphere to your celebration without the risk of causing damage to houses, farmland or animals. (Sky lanterns may provide us with a few minutes of viewing pleasure, but their impact elsewhere can have long-term, catastrophic effects - so please do think twice before releasing sky lanterns.) 

Another bonus is that you can re-use fairy lights for loads of other celebrations like Christmas, Halloween and birthdays.

However you decide to do Bonfire Night, we wish you all a happy and safe festive period.