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Wycombe Lotto celebrates first birthday

Wycombe Lotto community fund recipients

The community lottery launched by Wycombe District Council is celebrating its first birthday at the end of July. In its first year, Wycombe Lotto has raised over £21,000 through direct tickets sold by good causes who get 50p for every £1 ticket they sell. A further £8,000 has been distributed to a wider range of local good causes through the central fund.

So far, 83 local good causes have signed up to be partners in Wycombe Lotto and many of these organisations are seeing significant ticket sales which are generating extra funds to help them in their work.

Any good cause which serves our local communities can take part and sign up. The range of good causes benefitting from the lottery is wide reaching – including organisations promoting sport, helping disabled people, working with young and old and supporting animals and our beautiful local countryside.

Everyone who plays Wycombe Lotto stands a chance of winning the £25,000 weekly jackpot which is drawn at 8pm every Saturday.   Ticket sales are showing that the community lottery is well supported by local people who continue to sign up to support this innovative scheme.

Cllr Graham Peart, Cabinet Member for Community at Wycombe District Council said: “Up and down Wycombe district there are hundreds of people giving their time and talents to do vital work in their community. They are often working with small, local organisations who, unlike the big national charities, don’t have professional fundraisers and who are working with limited resources to promote themselves more widely. Wycombe Lotto is a great way to help these kind of good causes and to have a bit of fun at the same time. Who wouldn’t like to win £25,000!”

The top selling good causes were invited to a special reception hosted by Wycombe Lotto at Wycombe Museum last night.