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Operator of Royal Cars has licence revoked

Taxi sign

High Wycombe based private hire firm Royal Cars – also known as Crown Cars, Wycombe Express and Elite Cars (High Wycombe) – no longer has a licence to operate in the Wycombe district.

The licensed operator initially had his private hire vehicle operator licence revoked by the council in June 2017 as a result of breaches of licence conditions and other issues concerning public safety.  This led to the Council determining that he was no longer a “fit and proper person” to hold an operator licence.

The revoked licence allowed the former operator to use the trading names including Royal Cars, Royal Taxis, Royal Executive Transport Transfers, Crown Cars, Crown Taxis, Crown Airport Taxis, Crown Airport Travel, Crown Executive Cars, Royal Crown Cars, Wycombe Express, Excel Cars.  The operator had appealed the revocation and was allowed to continue to operate until the conclusion of his appeal.   

At hearing at Aylesbury Crown Court on Tuesday 20 February, the appeal was dismissed by HH Judge Tulk and two magistrates as the operator had failed to attend the hearing and had provided no grounds in support of his appeal.  The Council has been awarded their full legal costs in relation to this matter in the sum of £17155.94. 

Cllr John Savage, Chairman of the council’s regulatory and appeals committee, said: “The decision to revoke the licence was not taken lightly, but was made with the ultimate aim of protecting the public from the actions of an irresponsible operator. Royal Cars – and other trading names – has shown a blatant disregard for public safety in the way that it has been operating and we are delighted that the court has recognised all the hard work and overwhelming evidence provided to support the council’s decision to revoke this licence. The result is that Royal Cars can no longer legally operate under any of its trading names in this district.”