Wellness talk - gut health

02 April, 2019
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Oak Room,Wycombe Swan
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Gut health is a seriously hot topic in the global scientific community right now, with increasing research into this fascinating and fundamental area of human health and wellbeing. Elite Health Consultants are giving talks across the UK, educating people interested in their health about this vital area. The #MicrobiomeMovement is now coming to High Wycombe!
Join us for an informative, interesting and fun hour's presentation in the Oak Room, where you will discover how a well cared for gut can improve the way you feel and function, understand the problems we face in these days of prevalent toxins, learn how incredible your body can be when we harness the trillions of microscopic creatures living inside us, which impact virtually every body system from cardiovascular, respiratory, hormones, mental health, quality of sleep and skin, weight, joints, blood sugar, immunity and digestion. Tickets are just £5 for an evening of information that could positively change your life.