Dickens's Russia and Russia's Dickens

15 June, 2017
2:00 PM
Downley Community Centre,High Wycombe,HP13 5TR,School Close

Dickens's Russia and Russia's Dickens - an illustrated talk

Charles Dickens's published works were known in Russia from the early stages of his career: he was excerpted and then soon afterwards translated into Russian from the late 1830s onwards and has retained a popularity from that time forward. Dostoyevsky acknowledged his influence and Tolstoy particularly praised his writing in David Copperfield. In this talk, Dr Tony Williams will explore these and other connections between Dickens and Russia. Dr Williams is a frequent speaker on Dickens, both in this country and overseas, and is currently President of the International Dickens Fellowship.

Entry fee £2.00, refreshments at a nominal charge.

High Wycombe Russian Cultural Group