Parveen's Annual Cancer Event

01 July, 2017
6:00 PM
  • Name: Sabah Sheikh
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Bask in the sun whilst feasting on our mouth-watering halal BBQ. Infused with South Asian spices, our homemade Chicken Tikka skewers and Kebab patties are the talk of the town - so come down - support our two chosen charities: Scannappeal and Imran Khan Cancer Appeal and indulge yourself with great food and amazing company.

Whether you live locally or are travelling in, the P.A.C.E community will be sure to provide you and the family with a lovely evening; fuelled with beautifully homemade milkshakes, sweet treats and bingo! If you'd like to buy a ticket please contact any of the P.A.C.E representatives or message us on our Facebook account.

Our Early Bird price is £2 per person (£3 on the door per person). Subsequent food and drink charges will apply. A free bingo card will be issued with every entry ticket bought. Please note that all funds raised on the day will be donated to Scannappeal (Charity No 296291) and Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (Charity No 1000580). We look forward to seeing you on the day.