Parking payment system to change in February

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How motorists pay to park in Wycombe District Council-owned car parks is changing.

From Saturday 25 February 2017 all car parks, with the exception of The Swan and Easton Street multi-storeys, will change to a pay and display system. Pay and display means that customers pay for parking on arrival, using card or coins, and then display a valid ticket in their vehicle.

Over the next few weeks, the existing parking payment machines will be modified to operate a pay and display system and additional payment machines will be installed in busy car parks. Some locations will also benefit from the introduction of card “wave and pay” technology.

The pay and display system will not be installed in Easton Street and the Swan car parks and customers can continue to pay before they leave; entrance and exit barriers will also be installed in these two car parks. Motorists will not need to produce a ticket at the barrier to leave.

The council has been left with no alternative other than to make changes to the payment system in some of its car parks, following the government’s decision to restrict its access to data held by the DVLA. This is in spite of positive conversations the council had directly with the DVLA about using ANPR in its car parks. While the council has been led to believe that the government has for some time been working on a parking package which includes wider ANPR usage for the public sector, there is now no clear timescale in which this will be introduced.

Cllr Jean Teesdale, Wycombe District Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, commented: “It’s with real regret that we’re changing the payment system in most of our car parks - it really isn’t the outcome we wanted. We recognise that pay and display doesn’t offer the same benefits for our customers as the current system and for that, we’re really sorry. 

"The ANPR system offers many benefits, but we can’t keep running it in all of our car parks while these restrictions remain in place. It’s an incredibly frustrating position to be in and we’re disappointed that the government appears to have no imminent plans to introduce the measures that they’ve spoken publically about in the past."

Notices will be going up in each car park affected by the change over the weekend. All online payment accounts will be closed from 25 February and customers will be contacted directly about how this may affect them. Permit holders will not be affected by these changes, as they will still be valid under the new arrangements.

See parking is changing for more information about changes to how you pay for parking in our car parks.