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Planning, benefits and council tax portals down for maintenance
From 4:30pm on Thursday 29 October until Sunday 1 November they will be unavailable due to essential maintenance. Telephone lines and online payments may also be affected. All services will resume on Monday 2 November.

George Street car park closure


The George Street and Baker Street car parks in High Wycombe will close permanently on Monday 25 September 2017. This is to make way for redevelopment of the site including a new Aldi food store and a new local arts and crafts centre. 

There will be some minor enabling works taking place during August which may disrupt parking, so we will not charge for parking after Monday 28 August. 

We recognise that the closure will affect many people who work in the town and need all day parking. After the closure, the nearest long stay car parking will be at Dovecot multi storey car park. While the car park is managed by Euro Car Parks, we have negotiated new long stay tariffs for the upper floors,which will be introduced when the George Street and Baker Street car parks close:

  • £3 for ten hours
  • £4 for 12 hours

Dovecot car park near Sainsbury supermarket, High Wycombe

Location of Dovecot car park on My Wycombe.

There will be short stay parking spaces next to the doctors' surgery. The maximum two hour stay in these spaces should give patients enough time for a visit to the medical centre and help keep spaces available during the day. 

The redevelopment of the site is part of our "investing in our district" regeneration work in High Wycombe town centre and is expected to be completed in spring 2018. 

Councillor Steve Broadbent is the Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration at Wycombe District Council. He said:

This project is part of our programme of investing in our district. It’s great that a big name retailer is coming into the town and this, along with creating an exciting new base for local artists and craftspeople will help to regenerate this part of town. This means changes for people living and working in and around the Baker Street area, but I think the end result will be worth it.