Safety checks carried out on Wycombe taxis

Taxi sign

Officers from Thames Valley Police, Wycombe District Council's Licensing Team and VOSA conducted a series of checks on taxis and private hire vehicles (minicabs) operating within High Wycombe.

 In all, 70 vehicles were stopped and checked for compliance with Licensing and Road Traffic Act requirements on 25 November and 7 December.

 As a result of the checks, four prohibition notices were issued due to mechanical faults and advisory notices were issued for several minor offences. Tickets were issued to five drivers failing to wear seatbelts by the police.

 Formal warnings will be issued to drivers who failed to comply with the requirement to display an identity badge at all times when they are driving a licensed vehicle or for failing to wear their seatbelt when required to do so.

 Members of the public should not travel in vehicles with drivers who are not displaying their identity badge or in vehicles which do not have a valid licence plate displayed on the rear of the vehicle.

 Wycombe District Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Jean Teesdale said: “This is an additional safety check carried out by the police and the council to ensure the vehicles people hire in our district are safe.

 “If anyone has any concerns about a taxi or private hire vehicle they should contact the Licensing Team at or 01494 421222.”