Breakout areas

There are four breakout areas in QVR: two on the ground floor and two on the first floor. In addition, there is a communal quiet area on the second floor.

Vending machines

There are vending machines provided by Connect Vending in each of the breakout areas offering drinks and snacks. Please use vending machines respectfully.

Please report any problems or issues to Report any lost money to

Caretaking and security will:

  • top up cups/sugar etc as required
  • liaise with Connect Vending about any functional problems (Chris Greenaway)
  • do ad hoc cleaning and tidying

Cleaners will wipe down the outside of machines daily.


Noticeboards and whiteboards

Please use the noticeboard and whiteboards provided for relevant staff notices and information, Please don't use breakout walls.

You will need Head of Service permission for any other items that need to be displayed (eg team information) I don't understand what this means!

It is your responsibility to take down all notices as soon as they are out of date.

Caretaking and security will:

  • monitor items on walls and noticeboards, and check with Heads of Service if in doubt
  • remove items which are clearly out of date