Office security arrangements

Look after your own security:

  • wear your ID badge at all times
  • make sure that when you enter any of our offices no-one tailgates you through the doors
  • politely challenge anyone you see not wearing an ID badge, or who you do not recognise
  • if you forget your access pass, please report to reception who will contact the caretaking and security team to suspend your normal pass and arrange a temporary pass for you. Please note you will not be able to use your normal pass until it is re-instated when you return the day pass.
  • if you lose your pass, contact the caretaking and security team as soon as possible so they can cancel the original and arrange a new photo pass for you

Take responsibility for your visitors:

  • let reception know ( in advance that you have visitors coming.  Please provide visitor name(s) and your contact details.
  • when your guest(s) arrive, reception will call you to let you know. If they can’t get through to you they will send you an email.
  • when you collect your guest(s) from reception, check they have signed in and that they are visibly wearing a visitor badge with a red lanyard.
  • advise your guest(s) on fire access routes and location of the facilities
  • accompany your guest(s) at all times – do not leave them to roam around the building unsupervised
  • at the end of their visit, please make sure that you accompany your guest(s) back to reception so they can sign out and return their visitor badge.

Please report anything suspicious to our security and caretaking team immediately (x3066).