Where's Wilber?


Photos of selfie-loving comms mascot Wilber the dog are still hidden away on pages on Wycopedia, the council’s new intranet site, and we need your help to find him in return for a reward!

The modern-looking Wycopedia is easier to use than its predecessor Wyspace, with top tasks on the homepage and improved functionality throughout.

Wycopedia is currently a test site and Wilber has taken the opportunity to post photos of himself on eight content pages.

We need your help to explore the new site and inform the web team team where Wilbur is lurking – along with any errors, issues or improvements you feel need making to Wycopedia before the full site is launched in May.

There is a reward on offer to the officer who finds the most photos of Wilbur – email webmanager@wycombe.gov.uk with a list of the pages on Wycopedia on which you have found photos of Wilber.

WySpace will be turned off towards the end of May and Wycopedia will then automatically load up on officers’ web browsers. Until then, visit http://wycopedia.wycombe.gov.uk/Home.aspx or follow the button on Wyspace.