Ice cream reward

Ice cream
We teamed up with Roger Bolton, owner of The Works, who brought his ice cream bicycle to the QVR offices, to hand out cooling treats to more than 170 officers on Wednesday.

It was a special event, part of the reward and recognition scheme, to thank and recognise the efforts off all staff who either manned polling stations, counted ballot papers or held the fort while their colleagues were helping with the county and general elections.

I’m pleased to reveal that the two £25 vouchers donated by The Works have been won by Jemma Durkan in Democratic Services and Louise Randall in Planning. The winners were selected using a highly digitised process of closed eyes, a large piece of paper, and a pin!

Once again, a big thank you to you all – we really couldn’t organise and run an election without your support. If you missed out on your ice cream because you weren’t in the office that day or were observing Ramadan, please contact Lynn Bartley who will arrange for you to collect it from The Works restaurant in the High Street, including next week following Eid, which is due to arrive on 25 June.

A word of warning though, we have a list of everyone who’s already had one, so if you think this is a good way to get a second scoop, think again!