Values and behaviours

Our values and behaviour statements represent what we believe and aspire to.

Wycombe DC values and behaviours
ValuesBehavioursLeadership behavioursContra indicators
Our values represent what we believe and aspire toWhat we do when we bring the values to lifeHow we expect leaders to behave to support the valuesBehaviours that demonstrate we do not behave in accordance with our values
Collaboration: We work together as one council team

Share information to help customers

Solve problems together

Listen to colleagues, customers and partners

Offer advice and solutions

Communicate openly and seeks dialogue

Enjoy working together and celebrates successes

Work with others to resolve issues

Communicate clearly and succinctly

Build an effective network of relationships

Keep people informed

Doesn’t  listen to other people

Doesn’t  keep colleagues informed

Fails to think about the wider implications of actions

Accountability: We take ownership and responsibility

Take personal responsibility

Do what we say we will

Keep to  deadlines

Get back to people and keep them informed

Set high standards

Act with integrity

Deliver what they say they will

Support decisions made by others

Accept responsibility when things go wrong

Encourage staff to take responsibility and accountability

Deal with poor performance and give constructive feedback

Blames others when things go wrong

Makes excuses for poor work or behaviour

Ignores deadlines and doesn’t get back to people

Fails to keep promises

Respect: We value others and treat them with respect

Appreciate everyone’s expertise and experience

Value diverse ideas and thoughts

Treat others with respect  

Respect privacy and confidentiality

Recognise success and say thank you

Challenge discrimination and promotes fair treatment

Say thank you, reward and celebrates success

Be aware of their impact on others

Take time to listen and talk to team members

Seek to understand other cultures and ways of working

Doesn’t value other people’s opinions or points of view

Takes colleagues for granted

Dismissive of others and ignores their suggestions

Makes assumptions about people

Acts inconsistently and with bias
Value for money: We use our resources effectively and responsibly

Use resources sustainably

Deliver on time and in budget

Be clear about priorities

Share expertise and resources to make savings

Prioritise and target expenditure

Use technology to save money and improve efficiency

Ensure all activities deliver value for money

Deliver efficient financial and budget management

Demonstrate commercial awareness

Identify, assess and manage risk

Generate ideas and opportunities to make savings and bring money into the council

Loses time and money through poor planning and project management


Lacks focus
Adaptability: We are flexible in how we work and deliver services

Adapt methods of communication to suit the audience

Reach a compromise to get the best solution

Open to new ideas and ways of doing things


Flexible about how and where we work


Positive about change

Encourages a “can do” attitude and flexible approach

Comfortable being asked to shift focus as priorities change

Involve people in change

Pragmatic when things go wrong

Rigid and inflexible 

Resists change and new ways of doing things

Refuses to compromise
Challenge: We challenge ourselves and others to find better ways of doing things

Encourage creativity

Give people the time and space to develop new approaches

Listen to feedback and people’s ideas

Take responsibility for our own learning and development

Know own strengths and weaknesses and takes responsibility for improvement

Learn from experience


Support staff to find solutions

Seek input and ideas from others to create solutions

Receptive to new ideas and ways of working

Challenge the status quo

Listen to and acts on feedback

Committed to own personal development

Think creatively

Look outside the council for ideas

Encourages innovation

Sets easy to achieve standards

Fails to respond to feedback

Repeats same mistakes

Not being interested in personal development