Personal development tools

Training directory

There are a number of courses within the council’s Training and development directory including a number of management development  modules which may be of interest to existing managers or those aspiring to be managers


Over 60 eLearning modules are available on ETrain. Additionally HR has access to a large catalogue of courses which can be made available on request.  

Approved qualification scheme

The council has a scheme of assistance for those employees who wish to study for a professional qualification to support both the fulfilment of job objectives or career development. 

External training

All business units have their own external training budget which supports job specific training and continual professional development, for example specialist courses, seminars or conferences

Project work

Project work can provide opportunities for employees to work in different areas of the council or with different organisations outside the council. It can help to share and acquire valuable new knowledge and skills.


Coaching is a training and development intervention which involves using a trained coach to help develop a manager’s skills, knowledge and behaviours in order to enable achievement of related organisational objectives.


The council is in the process of training a group of mentors. Employees can either volunteer to be trained as mentors or apply to be mentored. Categories of staff who might benefit from mentoring include: those who have demonstrated particular achievement within their job role and who have an interest in moving forward, apprentices or trainees.


A secondment is the temporary loan of an employee to another organisation or a different part of the council. Secondments can be of benefit to the seconding team, the employee and the host.

Work shadowing

Work shadowing is an arrangement which provides the opportunity to spend a limited period of time seeing what is involved in doing someone else’s job. Unlike secondments the shadow is not actually doing the job but observing how someone else does it.