Right to apply for flexible working: policy and procedure

Some employees have the right to apply for flexible working.


The aim of this policy is to utilise Wycombe District Council’s flexible working patterns to the mutual benefit of the council and the individual and to build on the council’s commitment to work-life balance.


The policy and procedure applies to all WDC employees.

Certain employees, who have 26 weeks’ continuous service or more at the time of applying, have a statutory right to apply for flexible working, as follows:

  • parents of children aged 16 or under
  • parents of a disabled child under 18
  • the employee is the spouse, partner or civil partner of a parent (who meets criteria set out in a or b above) and is applying to care for the child
  • the employee is responsible for the child as parent/guardian/special guardian/foster parent/private foster carer or as the holder of a residence order
  • the employee is the carer, or expects to be caring, for an adult who is a spouse, partner, civil partner or relative; or who although is not related to the employee, lives at the same address as the employee
  • to undertake training

The council has extended this provision so that all other employees (that is, those who do not have a statutory right) also have a right to apply to work flexibly as set out in this policy.