Apply for an annual travel season ticket

This process covers annual rail and bus season tickets.

Season ticket benefits

You qualify for a 34 per cent discount on annual rail season tickets and up to 50 per cent discount on annual Arriva bus season tickets. You can pay in a lump sum or through monthly deductions from your salary.

How to apply

Get a paper form from the Processing and Admin team.

  • Complete all fields
  • Get your manager to authorise your season ticket application
  • Send the completed form to P and A

P and A will :

  • Process your application
  • Arrange payment for the ticket – you can do this in one lump sum or by monthly deductions from your salary
  • Notify you when your season ticket has arrived, so that you can collect it


You can get a refund for the unused portion of season ticket. Chiltern Rail will calculate how much has been used based on the number of days used.