The government is introducing new ways to help parents with childcare costs so whether you have toddlers or teens, you could get support.

See: Childcare Choices (external website) to find out more about free childcare for children over 2s and information about tax-free childcare and childcare vouchers

If you are a parent and have to pay for childcare, you may be aware of the new HMRC tax-free childcare scheme. Unlike childcare vouchers which are an arrangement between you and your employer, tax-free childcare is an arrangement between you and HMRC.

Some families may be better off using the new tax-free childcare as opposed to the vouchers provided by Kiddivouchers. Generally speaking, tax-free childcare is better for parents with the highest childcare costs.

However, as your childcare costs fall, for example due to free childcare hours or if your child starts school, you may save more with childcare vouchers.

See: the KiddiVouchers guide (external website) to help you make the right decision regarding which scheme is best for you.