Our values and behaviours

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We work together as one council team.

  • We share information to help customers
  • We solve problems together
  • We listen to each other, our customers and partners
  • We offer advice and solutions
  • We communicate openly and seek dialogue
  • We enjoy working together and celebrate our successes 


We take ownership and responsibility.

  • We take personal responsibility
  • We do what we say we are going to do
  • We keep to deadlines
  • We get back to people and keep them informed
  • We set high standards
  • We act with integrity


We value others and treat them with respect.

  • We appreciate everyone’s expertise and experience
  • We value diverse ideas and thoughts
  • We treat others with respect   
  • We respect privacy and confidentiality
  • We recognise success and say thank you
  • We challenge discrimination and promote fair treatment

Value for money

We use our resources effectively and responsibly.

  • We use our resources sustainably
  • We deliver on time and in budget
  • We are clear about priorities and resource them
  • We pool expertise and resources: we are more effective when we work together
  • We prioritise and target expenditure
  • We use technology to save money and improve efficiency 


We are flexible in how we work and deliver services.

  • We adapt our methods of communication in to suit our audience
  • We are prepared to compromise to get the best solution
  • We are open to new ideas and ways of doing things
  • We are resilient


We challenge ourselves and find better ways to do things.

  • We encourage creativity
  • With give people the time and space to develop new approaches
  • We listen to feedback and people’s ideas
  • We invest in training staff and developing careers
  • We know our strengths and weaknesses and take responsibility for improvement
  • We learn from experience