How to claim expenses and mileage

You should use iTrent to claim expenses, car mileage or public transprt claims.

Claims process

Use iTrent to make your claim. All claims should be made within xx. Claims are processed on the th of every month so make your claims in good time.


iTrent does not have a facility to attach copies of receipts etc. Therefore, you will need to keep copies of receipts so that these can be checked if required (eg by your line manager, or even by the council's auditors). This will be your responsibility, so it is important that you keep these for possible future reference.

Submit your claim

When you submit your claim through iTrent, your manager will receive an email notification and it will appear i their iTrent "to do" list. They will authorise your claim online. Your claim will then be automatically included in the next payroll run.

Managers have a responsibility to manage their workload in the same way that they would with paper-based authorisations. If your manager is unexpectedly off work and has not diverted requests then the Payroll team will be able to set up a divert on their behalf.

Viewing claims

You will be able to view all your present and past claims through iTrent.