Capability policy

1. Introduction

1.1 At Wycombe District Council we want to ensure that all employees are supported and developed so they can achieve and deliver the best work they are able to. This procedure is designed to encourage and maintain standards of capability and work performance.

1.2 This document sets out the council's capability policy and procedure and provides a structured mechanism for management to manage an individual's work performance which is falling below an acceptable level.

1.3 It is important that every effort is made to follow a fair procedure at each stage in the capability process and this document sets out guidelines which should be adopted by management to ensure that this is the case.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy covers all staff employed by Wycombe District Council except for new employees with less than six months service where the Probationary protocol will apply.

3. Principles

3.1 The policy and procedure contained within this document are founded on the following principles:

a. To ensure that employees know what performance standards are expected of them.

b. To ensure that performance standards are reasonable and achievable taking into account the employee's working hours, job descriptions and contractual terms.

c. To primarily help and encourage employees to improve unsatisfactory performance rather than impose sanctions wherever possible.

d. To provide appropriate development, training and support to assist with the above.

e. To ensure that it is understood that matters dealt with by way of the capability procedure are different from instances of misconduct.

f. To ensure that a fair structured process is applied consistently, that the employee's account is heard, that they are informed of their right to be accompanied, and that any formal steps taken are confirmed in writing, stating clearly a right of appeal.

g. To ensure that matters are dealt with as quickly and reasonably as possible.

h.  No individuals will be discriminated against in the application of this policy and procedure on any grounds including grounds of the protected characteristics, trade union status, part-time status or any other personal characteristic or quality.