Secondment policy

Secondments provide officers with valuable career development opportunities to broaden their skills and experiences. From the organisational point of view, secondments provide for resource flexibility, improved retention and the opportunity to experiment.

As an alternative to recruitment and selection, managers may consider the option of filling vacancies through internal secondments. All internal secondments will be advertised internally.

Where secondments are successful and there is no detriment to other officers, secondments into posts of grades up to and including Grade 7 can be made permanent.

Posts of Grade 8 and above, filled initially through an internal secondment, will be advertised at the end of the secondment period. 

Criteria for making secondments permanent using the breakthrough strategy

Officers filling positions on a secondment basis can be offered the opportunity to fill the position on a permanent basis where the following criteria are fully met:

(i) the secondment

  • the initial secondment was filled following an internal competitive exercise
  • the secondment has been for a duration of at least 6 months
  • the secondment position is between and including grade 1 and grade 7
  • there is no detriment to other officers affected or displaced by the secondment

(ii) the post

The business unit has available salary cash limit budget to support the permanent post/or has to be agreed by both parties

  • the post furthers the delivery of a service in line with existing policy

(iii) performance and performance review

  • the officer filling the secondment post has been assessed as performing satisfactorily
  • the officer agrees to the application following a performance review/performance assessment process