Recruitment process

Please follow the process for staff recruitment and selection below.

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1. Identify recruitment need

The manager's first step is to identify that a recruitment resource is required. A recruiting manager should have previously completed recruitment and selection training.

2. Check the job description and person specification

Established post

2.1  Make sure the job description (JD) and personal specification (PS) are up to date. If any minor alterations have been made these should be recorded as "tracked changes" on the original document.

2.2 If significant changes have been made, liaise with your HR Advisor as the job description with person specification may have to go to the Job Evaluation Panel for review.  Changes should be recorded as ‘tracked changes’ or please provide the old and new versions with changed wording highlighed.

New post

2.3 For new posts, draft a JD and PS considering qualifications, experience, skills, knowledge. Seek advice from your HR Advisor when producing the JD/PS.

2.4 Complete a Job evaluation questionnaire [PDF | 401KB] and send the JD, PS and JE questionnaire to your HR Advisor for inclusion in the next available job evaluation panel. Your HR advisor will contact you regarding the JE process.

3. Authorisation to recruit

3.1 Complete a recruitment authorisation form.

3.2 Temporary appointments of less than three months require Head of Service authorisation.

3.3 Recruitment to existing posts [funded] can be agreed between the Head of Service and either Karen Satterford or Paul Shackley.

3.4  New posts or existing posts with no funding need to be approved by SMB.

3.5  All completed recruitment authority forms and relevant authorisation should be emailed to

4. Request to advertise a vacancy

To proceed with advertising, the manager should email  with the following documents

4.1 JD and PS (final versions) as agreed with your HR Advisor

4.2 Recruitment authorisation: a copy of the report along with an extract from the SMB meeting notes confirming approval by SMB

4.3 Job advert: supply the text for your advert; if the job has recently been advertised P&A can source and send you the previous advert for amends

Alternatively our advertising agency can copy write an advert for you. You will need to complete and return the Recruitment copywriting template [Word | 12KB]. Copywriting takes up to 48 hours for a fee of £75.

4.4 Advert placement: advise where you want to advertise, for example specific trade online sites or publications. You can get recommendations from our advertising agency.

4.5 Printed media remains expensive, publication dates/deadlines should be factored in to your recruitment timescales.

4.6 Online adverts are more cost effective and once the advert is agreed can "go live" within 48 hours.

4.7 We use our advertising agency to provide a copywriting service, media recommendations and to place any printed adverts in trade publications as their "buying power" offers some saving.

4.8 Job adverts are advertised internally and externally at the same time unless there are any officers who are under notice of redundancy, in which case any external advertising would only commence on the advice of HR.

4.10 P&A will check the detail, format and closing dates of the advert liaising with the manager and advertising agency as necessary, before returning the advert to the manager along with advertising costs and agreed "go live" and closing date for final approval.

4.11 Advert closing date: allow a minimum of two weeks from publication date.

4.12 Interview date: allow a minimum of two weeks after the closing date for shortlisting, preparation of interview timetable and giving sufficient notice to candidates. If you are unsure of an interview date do not insert it in the advert.

4.13 P&A will post all job adverts on the Jobs website, WySpace (until Spring 2017) and the free jobsite LGJobs. 

4.14 P&A will liaise with the advertising agency to check placement of advert on other jobs websites or in trade publications.

4.15 P&A will process job packs, application forms and associated applicant enquiries.

5. Interview preparation

Whilst the job is advertised the manager should prepare for the interviews.

5.1 Including:

  • Prepare short listing criteria
  • Prepare any work related exercise or presentation brief
  • Discuss with HR any relevant psychometric testing for job grades 7 and above
  • Prepare interview questions
  • Book interview room/s
  • Agree short listing and interview panel
  • Check for any missing information and/or dates on application forms, highlight same and verify at interview 

5.2 Contact your HR Advisor for testing/work based exercise advice.

5.3 Psychometric testing should be arranged for job grades 7 and above posts and an HR advisor may be present at interviews.

6. Shortlisting

Our jobs website accepts online applications until midnight on the closing date. Postal applications are accepted until first post on the working day following the closing date.

6.1 On the working day after the closing date P&A will email the manager confirming the total number of applications received.

6.2 P&A will advise if any applicants have stated that they have a disability as defined by the Equality Act 2010. In such instances managers should adhere to our Equality and diversity: employment statement which includes:

"The Council will aim to ensure that all recruitment and selection procedures operate fairly and transparently with appointments being made on merit. Where vacancies arise candidates with disabilities who meet the minimum criteria for the role will be invited for interview and considered on their abilities in relation to the requirements of the job. Reasonable adjustments may be made to the recruitment process. In addition adjustments to premises, equipment or working practices may be made to enable a person with a disability to carry out the work."

6.3 Managers should collect application forms from P&A. Our job website system does not currently allow application forms to be sent electronically. 

6.4 Application forms may be collected at any time prior to the closing date if a manager wishes to start shortlisting. 

6.4 A minimum of two managers, who have completed recruitment and selection training, should complete the Recruitment Shortlist assessment form [Word | 39KB] and scoring. Assessment criteria should be based on the PS. 

6.5 Completion of the shortlisting form and factual note taking is important to help you make your selection decision and to ensure that all recruitment and selection procedures operate fairly and transparently with appointments being made on merit.

6.6 Manager should contact Internal applicants not short-listed, to offer constructive feedback.

6.7 Manager to return to P&A:

  • completed shortlisting forms, signed by both officers
  • original application forms - it is the manager’s responsibility to arrange photocopies of same for interviews
  • interview details
    candidates to be interviewed
    date of interviews (at least five working days notice to be given to candidates)
    start Time and length per interview
    venue (room bookings should be arranged by the manager)
    who will be on the interview panel
    full details of any work related. exercise/presentation/testing

6.8 The interview schedule is prepared by P&A who will send interview invites and liaise with candidates and manager as necessary.

6.9 The confirmed interview schedule is emailed to the manager and main reception a few days prior to interview date.

6.10 If applicable - for job grade 7 and above posts - HR provide psychometric testing results.

7 Interviews

Managers should check they are prepared for interviews:  are rooms suitably set up? any equipment required is in place? water available? Basic terms and conditions of the post are known (salary, hours, contract term, pension, leave allowance, probation, pre- employment checks, medical, DBS) so candidate questions may be answered?

7.1 Each interviewing officer should complete a Recruitment Interview assessment form [Word | 32KB] and if relevant a Recruitment Presentation feedback form [Word | 35KB]. 

7.2 Candidates should bring to their interview:

  • original proof of ID to confirm their eligibility to work in the UK this should be either their current passport or original birth certificate.

And, if driving or professional qualifications are required by the post: 

  • driving licence and qualification certificates

7.3  The manager should make a copy of these documents, sign as original seen and date.

7.4  The manager to check/verify any missing information/dates on the application form including the full contact details for two referees covering the last three years. 

7.5  The manager should ask candidates to sign their application form. 

7.6  Return the documents to P&A along with the completed shortlisting forms. 

7.7  All interviewing panel members should complete a Recruitment Interview assessment form [Word | 32KB] for each candidate. Factual note taking is important to help you make your selection decision and to ensure that all recruitment and selection procedures operate fairly and transparently with appointments being made on merit. Unsuccessful candidates are able to request feedback following interview. 

8. Interview results

8.1 The manager should telephone the successful candidate and make a verbal offer, subject to acceptable pre-employment checks:

Advise successful candidate of the salary grade which should be point 1 on the salary scale. Our equal pay policy requires decisions to be made on the basis of experience, qualifications and skills. Anything higher than SCP1 must be discussed in advance with your HR Advisor and a written case submitted to your HR  Advisor before any formal offer is made.

Suggest/agree possible start date, subject to acceptable pre-employment checks. 

Confirm that the employment referees may be contacted and full contact details for referees have been provided. 

8.2  The manager should confirm interview results and detail of the verbal job offer by completing and returning the Recruitment Contract request managers checklist [Word | 39KB] or email to your HR advisor . This enables your HR Advisor to prepare the Contract.

8.3  Return the completed interview assessment forms to P&A this enables P&A to request employment references and to release "regret" letters to unsuccessful candidates.

Completion of the interview assessment form/s and factual note taking is important to help you make your selection decision and may be required after the interviews if feedback is requested regarding your decision.

8.4 Unsuccessful internal candidates: the manager should offer to provide constructive verbal feedback to internal candidates.