Agency workers: recruitment process

Use this process to engage agency workers through Adecco.

Obtaining approval

In the first instance, the appropriate approval must be obtained by completing the Recruitment authorisation form:

  • appointments of three months or more require SMB approval
  • appointments of less than three months require Head of Service approval

Booking a temp

Once approval has been obtained, contact Adecco by phone or email to make the booking. In addition to the signed authorisation form, Adecco will need the following information:

  • Job title
  • Duties (or a job description and person specification)
  • Pay rate (and how negotiable this is)
  • Hours of work
  • Duration of assignment
  • Location of role
  • Any specific skill or experience
  • Any checks needed (such as DBS check) 

Adecco will not be able to proceed with the booking until they are in receipt of the signed authorisation form. 

Adecco contact details

Main contact

Lia Nicolaou, Account Manager 
PHone: 07917 505 133

Second Contact (if Lia is not available)

Linzi Nygate, Senior Account Manager
Phone: 07866 528 087

Purchase order

Raise a purchase order for the work and include a note on the purchase order of the number of agency workers required and the type of work to be undertaken. A copy of the purchase order needs to be emailed to Adecco so that the PO number is included on any invoices. 

Extending the appointment period

If the appointment period needs to be extended, seek further authorisation from SMB/Head of Service as appropriate. 

Action required after 12 week qualifying period

Adecco will advise if the individual allocated, has or will reach, the 12 week qualifying period during the engagement. Adecco should also advise of any increase in the hourly rate and any other increased costs required to ensure the provision of equal treatment in line with the legislation. In such circumstances, the full costs should be checked to ensure they do not exceed the level of funding specified on the purchase order.

Invoice procedure

The line manager, or in their absence, a nominated colleague, will approve all timesheets weekly each Monday to allow the candidate to be paid weekly. 

Adecco will send a weekly single invoice per candidate for both direct and second tier supply with the corresponding timesheet to the manager. Each invoice will include the relevant cost centre, temporary agency workers name, job title, department, hiring manager, hours of work and rate of pay. 

Wycombe District Council will be responsible for identifying and raising any billing errors arising on the invoice. 

Agency framework agreement

The contract with Adecco has been awarded under a framework agreement.  Under the terms of the contract all requests for agency workers must be directed to Adecco in the first instance.  Please note that if Adecco is unable to source a particular type of worker direct they have access to a number of second tier agencies including Badenoch and Clarke, Unity, Sellick, Law Absolutely who are engaged under the terms of the contract.  If Adecco are still unable to supply an appropriate agency worker then the Council can approach other agencies direct.