New starters: manager's checklist

Manager's should use this checklist for all new starters.

Before the new employee start date

Email to with completed new user cccount form

First day

Managers must obtain on the first day:

  • relevant qualifications
  • P45/P46
  • proof of work in the UK/ID (passport or full birth certificate)
  • driving licence
  • signed application form

These documents are to be returned to HR on the first day


Stationery equipment provided for them to do their role: show them the stationary cupboard


Request login details for systems:

  • Financials
  • Uniform
  • Shared support services portal
  • HR advisor

First day of the new employee onwards

  • Manager must ask employee to complete and sign acceptable user guidelines
  • Pass to ICT for network account details to be provided
  • Introduce employee to the team
  • Introduce employee to key contacts around the council
  • Provide the employee with information on health safety, for example fire alarms, drills, exits
  • Show the employee where facilities are located (kitchens, toilets, etc), other departments, meeting rooms, etc
  • Introduce the employee to the Empowerme and eTrain systems (how to book annual leave and training courses)
  • Introduce employee to WySpace and show them where the "New Starter" symbol is to find further information on the council (accessed through My employment page)

Update personal details

  • Managers must obtain a photo of the employee needed to their ID card (provided by caretakers)
  • If eligible to parking space, manager must go to parking services following email conformation from HR upon sight of driving licence to complete document
  • Issue Procurement card (if applicable)
  • Managers would need to speak to Procurement to obtain card
  • Manager to look at employees workload allowing for a handover from previous post holder (if applicable) or work through a list of procedures with a ‘buddy’
  • Manager to discuss current upcoming project, etc. applicable to the role
  • Chat through any processes that are used by the team, for example:
    • holidays
    • signing in
    • sickness absence (inform by phone call not text)
    • health matters
    • post and codes

Manager's induction

The following areas relevant for managers only:

  • introduce manager to their team
  • show them Empowerme and eTrain systems (how to book annual leave and training courses)
  • introduce them to collaborative planning (if they have budget responsibilities)
  • schedule monthly probation review meetings (particularly at three and six months)


Managers should notify new member of staff on:

  • weekly team meetings
  • weekly "one to ones" with new employees
  • monthly reviews (part of performance management)
  • all staff meetings
  • employees should read through contract terms and "green book"