Recognition and reward scheme


The purpose of the Recognition and reward scheme is to:

  • encourage achievement and conduct in keeping with WDC strategies and values
  • acknowledge and reward significant achievements and exemplary conduct
  • provide for a range of informal rewards and recognition, which may or may not have a modest monetary value

General principles

The following principles underpin the scheme:

  • processes are transparent and decisions are made equitably and fairly and in the spirit of the council’s values and behaviours
  • the reward may be financial or non-financial and should be commensurate to the contribution being recognised
  • the reward should be meaningful and  informed by an understanding of what motivates the individual/team
  • procedure has been developed in consultation with staff and managers


Recognition occurs when a manager or officer acknowledges specific performance or conduct from another officer that has benefited them, their team or the council generally. WDC encourages a culture whereby staff are motivated to identify and acknowledge exemplary performance when they see it, this all-inclusive informal approach to recognition encourages teamwork and will help to build positive relationships across the organisation.