Grievance toolkit

The toolkit interprets the grievance policy and procedure and be used to support the policy. It should not replace the policy. It aims to provide more detail on how the policy should be implemented and to guide managers and employees through what can be a difficult process. Please read through this before seeking further professional advice from the Human Resources Operations Team.

The guidance notes contained in the toolkit are not mandatory but are intended to assist with promoting best practice in managing grievance matters. Grievance procedures are contractual and we expect adherence to the grievance policy and procedure provisions. Please remember that tribunals have upheld complaints of constructive dismissal for management failure to follow procedure.

Grievance: definition

A grievance is a concern, problem or complaint which an employee raises with their employer concerning work related matters.

The grievance procedure can be used to deal with issues including: 

  • terms and conditions of employment (that is: where an employee believes that a term or condition of employment has been incorrectly used against them)
  • working environment/conditions
  • health and safety
  • bullying and harassment
  • work relations
  • new working practices
  • equal opportunities
  • a breach of statutory employment rights

Please note that this list is not exhaustive nor is it an attempt to give a definition of a grievance.

Process and procedure

Please refer to the grievance policy and the toolkit.

Grievance forms