Web address structure

This page explains how Contensis builds web addreses for our website and intranet.

Uniform resource locators (URLs)

Within Wycombe.gov.uk, the following make up the full URL:

  • the root www.wycombe.gov.uk/
  • Contensis folder structure
  • file name
  • file extension (for example, .aspx, .pdf, .jpg)

Administrators control naming folder structures. To request additions or changes to the folder structure, email: webmanager@wycombe gov.uk


When quoting URLs, use the correct root: https://www.wycombe.gov.uk/

By quoting https you tell the user that that this is a secure website using TLS/SSL protocols.

Folder structure

Contensis stores content in a hierarchical structure. At the top level, the structure is:

  • pages: standard page content using the generic templates
  • news: page content using news and event templates
  • uploads: non-HTML documents, images, audio and video

There are folders for other content, accessible to administrators only.

The pages folder is further divided into folders corresponding with the top level navigation. Each top level folder is divided into sub-folders corresponding to second level navigation.

Sub folders contain page content. In very limited cases, sub folders contain further sub folders. Examples of sub-sub-folders include car park, park and open spaces and conservation area pages; in these cases, content is usually display as a list (see https://www.wycombe.gov.uk/conservation-areas).

Top level folders should contain only sub-folders. Put page content in sub-folders only.

The news folder currently contains year folders and month sub-folders.

The uploads folder contains a public folder and four content type folders. The sub-folders should mirror the page sub-folders. This is a work in progress as there is substantial migrated, legacy content in need of review.

Folder names should be descriptive using complete English words. Avoid using acronyms or abbreviations. Although these is no limit on the length of a folder name, these should be kept to a reasonable length, no more than 20 characters.

In building the URL, Contensis will use the folder structure in which content is stored:




Note that Contensis uses dashes instead of spaces between words.

Wycopedia folder structure

Wycopedia is a folder within the website project: www.wycombe.gov.uk/intranet. wycopedia.wycombe.gov.uk/ redirects to this folder.

The lower level folder structure is similar to the main website.

As with the main webiste, top level folders should contain only sub-folders. Put page content in sub-folders only.

It is possible to link from from the intranet to website content using "drag and drop". Of course, you shouldn't do the reverse as the public cannot see the intranet.