How to publish a public notice

Follow this procedure to place a public notice in the local (and/or national) press. A public notice is a formal, published notice of council actions usually fulfilling a legal requirement.


We have a contract with TMP for the handling of all our advertisements in the local press (or occasionally in the national press). Therefore all proposed public notices should be arranged with TMP. TMP are an advertising agency, which will handle the preparation of a Public Notice, and its placement in the press.


1. A council service determines a need for a public notice, consulting with Legal if there is any doubt.

2. The service should contact TMP as soon as possible to advise them that they will be needing to publish a notice.

3. TMP contact details:

Sharon Powell
Phone: 0208 501 9716

4. The WDC service should prepare an initial draft of the proposed public notice

5. The service will need to decide on key elements, consulting Legal if in any doubt, such as:

  • the newspaper in which to publish
    (This will depend on what circulation you want the notice to reach. In most cases notices, should be published in in the Bucks Free Press. However, there are cases where the Maidenhead Advertiser, and Bucks Herald may be appropriate.)
  • where in the newspaper does it need to appear
    (This will usually in the public notices section, but some notices may need to be more prominent.)
  • notice size
  • publication date(s)

6. The service must send an initial draft to TMP at least seven working days before it needs to be published.

7. TMP will prepare a proof of the proposed advertisement and a costing, and will send this back to the service usually within 48 hours. If you do not receive this within 48 hours please contact TMP direct to check on progress.

8. When the proof is sent back by TMP, the service should check the proof and either:

  • agree it, and email the approval back to TMP including a WDC purchase order number and your name to be printed on the invoice, or
  • make amendments to the proof, and send these back to TMP as soon as possible.

Please note our contract with TMP allows for up to two amendments to be made without any additional charges. Significant changes may incur additional costs

9. When the proof is finally agreed

  • check the quoted cost to make sure that the WDC 8 per cent discount has been applied
  • email TMP to confirm that the notice should be published

10. TMP will then publish the notice as instructed.

11. TMP will email an individual invoice - one invoice for each notice - to the Shared Support Services payments section.

12. This will be processed on Efinancials, where it will be paid, as long as a GRN (Goods Received Notice) reference has been entered. If no GRN has been supplied you will be contacted to obtain confirmation that the goods have been received before any payment will be made.