What are FAQs

FAQs are questions invented to answer hypothetical questions that the question inventor thinks users might ask.

Don't use FAQs

We discourage FAQ use on our website and intranet.

From the GDS content design manual:

"If you write content by starting with user needs (external website), you won’t need to use FAQs.

"FAQs are discouraged because they:

  • duplicate other content on the site
  • can’t be front-loaded (putting the most important words people will search for), which makes usability difficult
  • are usually not frequently asked questions by the public, but important information dumped by the content editor
  • mean that content is not where people expect to find it; it needs to be in context
  • can add to search results with duplicate, competing text"

If your users do ask questions, then contact us and we can help you structure your content.