Corporate identity guidelines

Our brand is much more than a set of design guidelines – it is about what we do and how we do it. As a local council serving 172,000 local people we communicate with a wide range of people in all kinds of ways. We have many different messages to get across. At times we have to communicate complex and detailed information to people. At others, our messages can be very simple and direct.

No matter who we’re talking to, and how we’re communicating with them, people expectus to give them information which is easy to understand, consistent and presented in aclear, professional format.

This is a set of guidelines about how we present ourselves visually as an organisation.It provides templates to ensure that what we produce has a consistent look, feel and qualitywherever it comes from within Wycombe District Council.

These new brand guidelines introduce some new key elements which refresh, rather thanreplace, our logo. We are introducing these new templates and guidelines to eliminateinconsistent branding which has crept into the organisation.

The corporate guidelines are accompanied by our Plain English guide and house style, both are available on WySpace and on request from our communications team.

Our corporate identity guidelines should be used by everyone who works here. They aresupported and endorsed by Strategic Management Board and Heads of Service.

It is important that you take the time to read this guide and that you play your part in working within the brand guidelines when working for Wycombe District Council.