I can't find it on Wycopedia

I can't find it. Where's it gone?

We've designed Wycopedia to make it easier to

  • manage our intranet content
  • make it easier to find

But, we've all got used to finding content on WySpace or in the G-drive in our own unique ways. So, it may take a bit of time to get used to using Wycopedia.

Find it here


  • the navigation (the "all content" tab on the home page): we've put a lot of effort in to this, but we'll need to review it after six months or so based on data and evidence we're collecting
  • the search engine (the "search the intranet" drop-down is on every page): this works very well but is reliant upon content being "optimised" for search

Still can't find it

If you still can't find what you're looking for, it might not be there. Either we haven't added it yet (there's hundreds of pieces of content to move) or the owner has decided it's no longer necessary (there was a lot of out of date content on WySpace).

You can report "missing" content using the Wycopedia feedback form: we'll reply as soon as we can and publish an anonymised report on Wycopedia feedback.

How we've built Wycopedia

The first thing to note is that Wycopedia is built as a website and not as a document management system. We store documents in Wycopedia, but these are linked from web pages.

We've built the pages to make them easier to find. There's a number of techniques to do this but the most important are:

  • content naming, making sure the content is what is says on the tin
  • use writing for the web techniques, including "front-loading" content with the important stuff at the beginning
  • making sure that the words of the content title, any keywords attached to the content appear in the first paragraph

Read more: How to name web content