Contensis: add a user

Instructions on how to add new users to Contensis CMS

These are instructions for manually adding new users to Contensis. Once we've enabled Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS), there will be a nightly job to automatically add starters and disable leavers.

1. Navigate to the Management Console in Contensis.


2. Select User Management.


3.Click on Create User.


4. In the dialogue box, enter the user name (must correspond with their AD user name). Enter a strong password; you may need to use a common password. You can do this so long as the account is disabled.

Click Save.


5. Navigate back to the user account details. The easiest way to do this is to enter the user name in the User name field and press return.


6. This should sort the users and return the one you just created.


7. Click on the Edit icon to bring up the user details.


8. In the dialogue box, enter all the relevant details. These details should fill in the Who's Who details. Tick the Locked tick box.

Click Save.


9. In the User Admin Settings tab, tick the boxes to give user's rights to modify their account, ensure that they are forced to change their password at the first login and that the account is locked.

Click Save.


10. Click on the User Groups tab.


11. You need to add each user to at least one group. (If they need to add content, they'll need to be added to additional groups.)

Click on Add Group(s).


12. In the dialogue box, navigate to Zengenti-Intranet-Users and click the tick box to add that group.

Click Save.


13. Double check that the account is locked. Only unlock when the user needs to access the CMS to add content or change their account details.



Leaver accounts should be disabled as soon as possible after their leave date. Subsequently, the web team will make a decision on whether to delete user accounts.