Contensis: add a document

To add non web page content (pdfs), you need to add content in the uploads/documents folders.

Find the relevant folder. Mouse click to access the menu and select "New content".


When the add new content dialogue opens, click on select files to access files on your computer (or the network). You can drag and drop from Windows Explorer if you like.


Your document will show up in the dialogue. In this basic tutorial, we'll concentrate on adding the content though you should add "metadata" to complete the job. We'll cover that separately.


Once loaded, "Save and submit". Your document upload will be moderated by an administrator.


Once loaded, the document will show up in the document folder.


You're not finished. You need to attach a link to the document in a relevant content page.

The easiest way to do that is to drag and drop. This creates a link to the document in your web page.

Now add the markup to show that it's a link to a pdf: [PDF | xxKB]. You can find the file size from the "Content information" box accessible from the mouse menu.


Edit and existing document