Wycopedia feedback

We aim to publish all Wycopedia comments, suggestions and problems made using the Wycopedia feedback form.

We'll update this page at least once a week with action taken.

Wycopedia comments, suggestions and problems
ReferenceDatePage or functionIssuePriorityCommentStatus
FRM10792 20/03/2017 12:13 search Search function does not appear to be working.  High Applies to autocomplete. Enter search term, press "Enter" or click on the arrow. Known issue
FRM10805 20/03/2017 14:21 eye test voucher couldn't enter email address     Fixed
FRM11050 28/03/2017 11:09 people finder The people finder search bar works fine but officers are not narrowed down when you click on a letter. Clicking 'f' still displays names with 'a', for example. Low Still configuring the application. Known issue
FRM11065 28/03/2017 15:04 site alert When site alert is active, content area pushed to the window edge using IE.     Fixed
FRM11142 30/03/2017 12:43 Organisation charts WDC internal photo charts not found     Fixed
FRM11296 04/04/2017 12:31 Modern.gov Can't find the Mod Gov login (intranet) or the Constitution.   Constitution can be found through the corporate website or modern.gov. Link to modern.gov login page added to resources in the footer of every page. Footer also contains links to other web-based corporate applications. Fixed
FRM11297 04/04/2017 12:32

home page


On closing the page one is viewing, will you be redirected to the home page? Will the opening pages always track the most popularly viewed items?

Photo quality looks really good (viewing those at the bottom of the home page), does the new platform lend itself to videos?


Wycopedia is a website. There are various ways to navigate around the site: search, the main menu, "breadcrumb" or links within each page. To get back to the home page, click on the Wycopedia logo in the top left on every page.

We are looking to use short embedded screen capture videos. Examples include how to use the content management system that drives Wycopedia and tips and tricks for Word, Excel or other applications.

FRM11814 21/04/2017  09:59:08


single sign on

Tried to access modern.gov and username/password was required. All attempts failed.

Make it clear which username/password is required as general LAN access, iTrent, Empower me , eTrain are all different!


modern.gov works with your network password.

All applications require separate login. Single sign-on is not part of this project.

 FRM12153  02/05/2017  08:13:49  people finder It would be useful if, once you've found a staff member and potentially found that member to be out of the office, a list of other officers within that particular unit be listed as well.   Low

There is a limit to what the people finder can do out of the box. We'll look at improvements longer term.

The telephony system, Office Communicator and Outlook already provide ways to find staff by team/service.

There is possibly scope for some quick bites training to show staff how to use functionality already provided.

consider additional functionality subject to resources


Indicative priority classification
PriorityResponseResolutionPriority description
Critical 1 hour 8 hours Software fault has a critical effect on the council's business; essential functionality is unavailable or materially impaired.
eg Entire website is down, due to a Contensis related issue.
High 4 hours 2 working days Software fault has a serious but non-critical effect on the council's business; essential functionality still available, but certain other important functions are unavailable or materially impaired.
eg A particular page on the site cannot be published or cannot be viewed.
Normal 8 hours 3 working days Software fault does not have a serious impact upon the council's business; important functions are still available and are not materially impaired.
eg A page is not showing in the menu, or is not saving.
Low 8 hours 3 working days Low impact issue that causes no impairment to the business. Includes routine content issues.
Note: routine content issues may take longer that 3 working days, especially during "beta". From go live, the web team will discuss timescales with the service/team.