How to use voicemail

Please note you need to raise a service request to be allocated voicemail if you do not already have access.

To activate voicemail during absences

  1. Press the "CFwdALL" soft key or button and press the "Message" soft key or dial 8000
  2. Your screen will then show you that all calls are "Forwarded to voicemail"
  3. To deactivate voicemail you need to press the "CFwdALL" soft key or button again and the screen should clear

Listening to messages

  1. The handset red light will be lit when you have messages waiting
  2. There should also be entries in your email inbox
  3. To listen to message, press the Messages softkey on the handset or select the Messages button on the larger handsets
  4. Enter your PIN when prompted
    Press 1: to hear all your new messages
    Press 2: to send a new message to someone; you need to know their extension number to send a message
    Press 3: to review old messages
    Press 4: the fourth option allows you to edit your account settings, change greetings
    Press 0: for the help menu
    Press *: to exit
  5. After listening to each message follow the instructions to save (2) or delete (3)  messages as required

Listening to messages from outside the office

  1. Dial your direct dial number: for example, 01494 421179
  2. Wait to hear your voicemail greeting. As soon as you hear your greeting press *
  3. This will ask for your ID (your extension number) followed by #; for example: 3179#
  4. You will then be asked for your voicemail PIN followed by #
  5. You are then into your voicemail and can pick up any new or saved messages.
  6. You can save or delete them as required.
  7. To exit, press * or just hang up

Set up voicemail

Make sure you are logged into your phone. Follow the operators instructions at each stage, otherwise you may have start over from the beginning.

  1. Select the Messages soft key (this should be the third option from the left on the screen) or the Messages button if you have a larger phone
  2. Please listen to the prompts carefully
  3. When prompted, enter a PIN (password) then press # (hash): Capita will provde an initial PIN: this is usually 123654)
  4. You will then get a welcome message “Welcome to Cisco Unity Connection …….”
  5. You will then be prompted to press * (star); don't press this, as this will exit the voicemail setup and you will have to start again
  6. Press # when prompted to “keep the current recorded name”
  7. State your name and press #
  8. You will then be given a series of options which will allow you to record a personalised message
  9. The current default greeting message is read out: “Sorry <recorded name>  is unavailable”
  10. Press # when prompted to keep the message and continue or set up your own personalised message
  11. Your personalised message should inform the caller of your whereabouts and leave you a message, contact some else or whatever is appropriate
  12. You will now be prompted to change your PIN : you must change your password
  13. Follow the spoken instructions carefully
  14. Your password must be at least three digits long and will not allow you to enter typical patterns - for example 111, 222, 123 - or your extension number; you will hear “Sorry this is not a valid password”, if you don't follow this rule
  15. Enter your new PIN followed by #
  16. When prompted re-enter your new PIN and the press #.
  17. When you have successfully completed these steps, you will hear “your password is now valid"
  18. You will then be given a series of options: press # to finish
  19. After pressing # you will hear the following “Thank you, you have finished enrolment”
  20. If you exit or hang-up before hearing “Thank you, you have finished enrolment” you will have to complete the process again

Listening to messages from the old voicemail system

  1. Dial 88882.
  2. Enter your old password. If you cannot remember your old password, contact Capita on x5555 or Mary Hayward-Ord on x3179 to get it reset.
  3. You will get an error message saying that the “Message server is offline”. Please ignore this and continue.
  4. Any recent messages will be played one by one, latest message first. It's not possible to delete or save these messages.