Employee suggestions and innovation scheme

The Employee suggestion and innovation scheme allows staff to make a positive contribution to improve our operation and/or their job and to contribute to the service success.

The scheme empowers staff to feel involved in the working and success of the organisation and result in better services for the public as well as improved efficiency and/or financial savings.

Make your suggestion


All WDC employees except for directors, heads of service and service managers can take part. You can submit joint or group suggestions or ideas. In these cases, any award will be divided equally.

Suggestions and ideas

Original suggestions and ideas that may improve any aspect of our activities, lead to improvements in the provision of services or methods of working, will be eligible for consideration.  

These may include suggestions or ideas that lead to improvement in the following areas:

  • customer care and service
  • innovative ideas to improve an employee’s role and or service
  • work environment, including health and safety
  • working procedures, including communications and equipment
  • quality issues
  • income generation or research
  • cost savings, improved efficiency in energy or resources
  • our three priorities: people, places, pounds
  • elimination or reduction of waste 

Suggestions will be considered against the following criteria:

  • originality
  • degree of impact upon the Council and or Service Unit
  • improvement in quality
  • improvement in equality
  • efficiency/effectiveness
  • cost and feasibility of implementation
  • cost savings and/or benefits

You will need to consider the practical elements as well, for example:

  • will my idea actually work?
  • will it have any unintended consequences on other Service Units or the organisation?
  • will the Council be able to quantify the difference it has made?  

The scheme is council wide but suggestions can be unit specific.


Complete the form and email Suggestion & Innovation Scheme or paper forms to Linda Woznicki in HR.

HR will collect suggestions each month. HR will send suggestions or ideas to the relevant Head of Service for comments. These will go to the scheme panel for consideration.

The panel will consider ideas and suggestions three times a year (in the first instance, to be reviewed), evaluate the suggestions and make a final decision. The panel consists of SMB plus the relevant Head of Service and a staff side representative.

The panel may co-opt others as necessary or take expert opinion or seek specialist advice. The panel will talk to the person who has submitted the suggestion or idea as well as those who would be responsible for delivering it, before making a final assessment and decision. The panel decision is final.

The panel will prepare a short summary report setting out:

  • a summary of the suggestion or idea
  • practicality
  • impact on the service and any other areas
  • likely cost of the implementation
  • pay back times and benefits
  • risks involved
  • panel decision

After the panel decision, the chair will write to each member of staff with feedback and the decision.

We will publish a summary of all suggestions received and considered.


For every suggestion implemented, we will award a £50 voucher for the shop or leisure facility of the choice.

There will be an additional reward where a suggestion is implemented and it generates measurable improvements or savings.

Rewards will be based on anticipated first year savings as follows:

Employee suggestion and innovation scheme: additional rewards
Council Saving in first full yearReward
For the first £1000 10 per cent
For the next £1001 to £5000 5 per cent
For the next £5001 to £10000 1 per cent

See Employee suggestion and innovation scheme policy [PDF | 234KB] for further information