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Wycombe district - 50 for the future on Facebook

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Corporate Plan 2011-2015 People Place and Pounds getting our priorities rightOver the next 50 weeks, Wycombe District Council is running a week by week campaign looking at local things which can make us proud of our past but also fit for the future. Called "50 for the future" , this is a virtual tour around some of the 100 services the Council delivers locally and some of the ways it is working to make Wycombe district a great place to live, work and visit.

Drawing on our local history as an area and as an organisation, Wycombe District Council's campaign highlights, week by week, actions being taken to improve the District and make it "fit for the future" based on the Council's Corporate Plan.

The 50 for the future campaign starts on Facebook this week and in the coming weeks Wycombe District Council will showcase a different local place or object on the Facebook page. The Council will also introduce ways you can share local memories which make us proud of our past, and ways you can comment on Council plans to make our district fit for the future.

Visit our 50 for the future Facebook page and all will be revealed.

You can also follow 50 for the future through Wycombe District Council's 50 for the future webpage or on Twitter @wycombedc.

The Council's Corporate Plan, published today, outlines the priorities for Wycombe District Council up to May 2015.

Providing over 100 services locally in High Wycombe, Marlow, Princes Risborough and the surrounding areas, Wycombe District Council's plans will aim to put 3Ps at the heart of its operations - "People, Place and Pounds".

The "People" priority is focussed on local people and communities. It is about being open and transparent about the Council's plans as well as engaging with and listening to communities, understanding the issues they face and working with them to develop local solutions.

The Council's "Place" priority is working for things local people have told the Council they want - protecting the green belt while ensuring there is a balance between the sustainable development of homes and jobs for local people and other local infrastructure that is required to make our district a great place to live, work and visit.

The third of the 3Ps plan is "Pounds" - working hard to ensure Wycombe District Council is delivering value for money for local people. It is about what the Council does and how it does it - exploring new ways of working to deliver the same or more local services with less money.

The Council is facing a 40% reduction in the money it receives from Government and is committed to preserving the freeze in council tax which it put in place last year. In order to freeze council tax bills for local people next year, it is looking at new ways of working. An example of this is work to look at how the Council collects waste across the district and finding ways to keep the same level of service but reduce costs.