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Expenditure over £250

Latest data

We publish this data every month. Historical expenditure information is held on DataShare, our home for open data.

What is this data?

This dataset lists details of all payments we make to suppliers with a value over £250. Until October 2012 we published data for payments over £500.

The material published is taken from our accounting system. We have removed any personal data as required by the Data Protection Act.


The dataset contains the following fields:

  • Effective date: the period - month, year covered by the dataset
  • Service: which WDC service made the purchase
  • Supplier: the supplier from whom we made the purchase.
  • Supplier ID: an internal internal reference number unique to each supplier
  • Payment date: date we made the payment
  • Transaction number: an internal reference number unique to each transaction
  • Net amount: payment value new of recoverable VAT
  • Irrecoverable VAT: the amount of VAT that is not recoverable
  • Purpose of expenditure: why we made the purchase
  • Procurement classification: an internal classification
  • Procurement classification: Proclass code: categorisation of goods and services
  • Card transaction: whether a payment made using a government procurement card, a type of credit card

Data format

The data is published in excel format for ease of viewing. We also publish in csv format on DataShare, our home for open data, for ease of sorting and aggregating. To find out more about this file formats, see our open data page.

data published under the Open Government LicenceThis data is licensed under the Open Government Licence (external website). That means you are free to download and re-use the data.

Questions about the data

If you have any questions about the data, please email: We aim to respond to enquiries within ten working days.

For more information about council spending see:

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