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My Wycombe: My Nearest

Select the 'My Nearest' service tab.

'My Nearest' runs a set of pre-defined 'find my nearest' searches applicable for the currently selected address. If an address hasn't been selected, the welcome screen will still show. If an address has been selected, the results for all 'find my nearest' searches will be available straight away. A number of categories are returned, as shown below:

My Nearest main screen for My Wycombe.

Click + to expand a category and reveal all of the nearest sites for each specific search. In the following example, the 'Health' category has been expanded:

My Nearest menu showing the categories available for expanding.

It is possible to expand all categories, however please be aware that there could be a lot of data returned within each category and may significantly add to the length of the web page.

To find out more information, select the underlined text, which will take you to web pages either elsewhere on our website or to a relevant external web page (please be aware that websites will open in the same session).

To navigate back to 'My Nearest', select the browser 'Back' button.

Select the 'Change' button to search for a new address.

Select 'Reset page' to reload the service from scratch.

Use My Wycombe now.

My Wycombe: My Maps help guide.

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