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View planning applications

Planning application documents are published and available for viewing on PublicAccess within five working days of receipt. By searching PublicAccess you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use.

You can download the PublicAccess for planning user guide below.

After 6 months from a decision being reached some application background papers are automatically removed from the PublicAccess pages to comply with the data Protection Act. If a document you require is not visible on PublicAccess please email us at quoting the application reference number and name of the document you would like to view. We will then endeavour to make this document available to view until midnight on the day requested.

Making and viewing comments on planning applications

You can use PublicAccess to make comments on planning applications.

You will need to register first via the Public Access home page and comment electronically. There is only a limited time to write in your comments so it is best to make an offline draft before and then copy and paste into the comments box. All comments made on applications can be viewed via the documents tab.

You can use our PublicAccess website to:

  • monitor and track the progress of an application
  • submit comments about the application
  • search an updated list of applications received each week
  • view details of historic applications
  • view information and progress on appeals lodged with the Planning Inspectorate
  • view property details by reference to a map
  • view details of enforcement complaints received since 2000
  • view enforcement notices served since 2001.

Benefits of using online services

Accessing planning services online has many benefits including:

  • saving paper
  • saving postage costs
  • reducing car journeys
  • making the process more accessible, transparent and cost effective.

Contact information

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  • Speaking at Planning Committee

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