Chairman of the Council

Councillor Ian McEnnis Chairman of the Council

The Chairman for 2013 to 2014 is Councillor Ian McEnnis.

The Vice Chairman for 2013 to 14 is Councillor Mrs Lesley Clarke OBE.

The role of Chairman

Chairman of the Council is a civic and ceremonial role. The Chairman:

  • Is the first citizen of the Wycombe district
  • Leads in major events and acts as host to visiting dignitaries
  • Represents the Council locally, nationally and internationally
  • Acts as an impartial chairman for full Council and other meetings

The Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected at the annual meeting of full Council in May. They stay in office for a year.

Invite the Chairman to an event

The Chairman is delighted to attend events in the district such as fêtes, openings of community projects and exhibitions. If you would like to invite the Chairman to an event, please email the Chairman's office:

Chairman's badge of office

WDC Chairman's badge of office

This design is made up of symbols representing the Wycombe district. Starting at the top these are:

  • A chequered diamond - representing "Chequers" the country home of British Prime Minister.
  • An oak tree - representing the use of the oak in cabinet making and in the furniture industry.
  • A semi-circle - symbolising the Chiltern Hills - with the Whiteleaf Cross.
  • Two wavy lines - symbolising the river Thames.

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