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Being a councillor

Role and responsibilities

Councillors represent and work on behalf of everyone who lives in the area they are elected into (or their "ward"), even those who didn't vote for them.

More about the role of a district councillor.

Standing for election

Wycombe District Council is made up of 60 elected councillors. Our councillors serve a four-year term. If elected, you will be a Member of the Council until you retire or lose an election.

Find out the process for becoming a councillor in our candidate's guide to the election process.

Support services for councillors

Being a councillor can be a demanding, yet rewarding role. Many people combine it with a full-time job and / or family responsibilities. Some employers support their employees in being councillors, but you should discuss this with your employer before standing.

We provide a range of support for councillors, including a basic allowance and a special responsibility allowance (paid to senior councillors).

More about support services for councillors.

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