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Voting by post

How to apply to vote by post

Anyone who is registered to vote can apply to vote by post.

You can apply for a postal vote at any time, either permanently or for a specific election:

You can also pick up an application form from reception in our High Wycombe, Marlow or Princes Risborough offices, or request a form by phone.

You can send your application to us by post, fax or email. We can only accept an application by email if it is a scanned copy of the application form, sent as an attachment.

How to complete your postal ballot

We usually send postal ballot papers by first class post, about two weeks before polling day.

Mark your postal vote ballot paper with a cross against the candidate who you wish to vote for, fold in half and place inside the envelope wallet marked "A". Sign the postal vote statement inside the large box, and add your date of birth clearly in the date of birth boxes as shown.

Do not detach the statement from envelope A.

Seal envelope "A" by peeling the sticky strip away, and place this in the return envelope marked "B", then pop in the post. Postage is pre-paid so you do not need a stamp. Any statements which are not signed, or do not contain a date of birth will be rejected immediately.

You can also view a video guide (link opens in new window) that shows you how to complete your postal vote. A transcript for this video is available below.

The deadline for receipt of postal ballot papers is 10pm on polling day. If you are too late for the post, you can take it to the council offices at the address below or to your local polling station and hand it in to staff.

How to cancel your postal vote

If you change your mind about voting by post, you can write to us or email us to cancel your postal vote.

The deadline for cancelling a postal vote for a particular election is 11 working days before polling day.

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