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Shed security

Bikes, mowers and garden tools are just some of the examples of expensive equipment left in sheds that may not be strong or secure enough to protect them from thieves. To make matters worse, these stolen items are then often used by the intruder to break into your or your neighbour's home.

  • Does your shed need some TLC? If so, don't delay - fix it now! Even if it is only of light wooden construction, a suitable hasp, staple and padlock should be fitted to the door and frame. Hinges are often exposed too, so fit tamper proof screws to prevent their removal - call 01494 421 117 for a free set.
  • If possible, screen the windows with a grille, wire mesh or even curtains to prevent access and deter casual viewing. Fit locks to the windows where necessary.
  • As extra security for your shed, buy and fit "ground anchors" to chain or shackle bikes, lawnmowers and especially ladders. Alternatively, chain and padlock large items together.
  • Consider investing in an alarm to protect your shed.
  • Your valuables should all be marked with your postcode using a UV pen or other forensic property marking kit.

Property marking kits and shed alarms can both be purchased from your local neighbourhood watch.

For further information, you can download our handy leaflet below; or to speak with a member of the team see the contact details on the above right of this page.

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